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Welcome to hey universe… where helping you help yourself to your dreams is our mission!

It's no secret that by keeping your manifestations and goals top of mind,  you are far more likely to achieve them.

We firmly believe “sometimes all you need to do is ask!”  

We also recognize some desires take a little more attention and nurturing. Our lives are busy. Taking the time to stop and manifest is not
always possible. That is why we are here - we have designed an array of products to surround yourself with reminders to ask
the Universe and keep your attention on your intention!


We LOVE Giving Back.

As part of our commitment to helping others realize their dreams, we donate a portion of our profits to KIVA, a globally conscious organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income entrepreneurs and students in 77 countries.

We invite you to join us in contributing to this worthy cause, either by purchasing our products, or by donating directly to an individual
of your choosing on their website. We hope you will join us in helping us make the dream of others come true!

Wishing you happy manifesting...always!


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