Let the Manifesting Begin!

The hey universe mobile app is a quick and easy way to keep your intentions top of mind at all times!

Create custom affirmations / manifestations or choose from a few we have provided for you, then select a sound and set one-time
or recurring hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminders. Your phone will put the universe to work for you and help you keep
your intention on your desires.Ā 

Share photos of what you want to manifest with our community and allow others to support you on your manifestation journey!

Maximize Your Manifesting


Need to edit or delete a message?

Go to the star icon in the app and click on the three vertical dots to the right of the message you wish to change.


Want to change how your messages appear on your iPhone?
Go to Settings -> Notifications -> scroll to hey universe... app -> set your preferences.


Need to turn off reminder sounds while you sleep or are in a meeting?
Go to the star icon in the app and turn off preferred messages using radial buttons you would like to adjust - gold to turn alert on, blue to turn alert off.


Did you know you can share your manifestations with friends?
Go to the star icon in the app and click on the three dots to the right of the message where you can share with the community in the app, Twitter, or friends via email or SMS! Let them support you on your manifestation journey!


Best App ever! Thanks Hey Universe. Abundance is all around :-) "Sometimes all you have to do is ask" love the daily reminders.
Sherman & Co.

Love love love it! Finally an app that I can use for my daily personalized affirmations. Not to mention, how cool is it to "put it out to the universe" - a manifestation that I can be reminded of whenever I choose. I highly recommend this app!

Inspiring! Love this particulary in these difficult times - it is so wonderful to have this tool to remind me where to focus and to stay positive
on goals and outlook, and to be able to support others with their intentions!
AC Global

Marvelous! Hey Universe gives me the joy of an easy, delightful way to focus on my relationship with the universe and manifesting.
Iā€™m wildly pleased with this app! And grateful :)

Positive Intentions Work! Fun, unique app that allows you to express such aspirations as love, peace and enlightenment via your iPhone! Love the recurring manifestation button that allows you to be reminded of your positive intentions daily, even hourly! Wonderful!
Makes me smile!
Mamma Mia

Fun! I love this app. I enjoy using it regularly for segment intentions. I also really like the straight forwardness of the wording, "I am manifesting.....". The reminders also bring a smile to my face when they pop up. It's really a lot of fun.
Thank you to the developers of this app.

Amazing! This app is what I need to remind me to stay positive!!! Life can get you down, especially in the world we live in today... We can all use an uplifting reminder & put out into the universe what we need! Perfect!!!
Lulu's love

Love this app! What a great App! We all need a lil help and good juju!! This is exactly what I needed to get my dose of positivity each day! Love it!!

Simple and well worth $0.99!!! How great it is to be reminded of certain things I need to be focusing on daily. I love the simplicity of this app and how easy it is to customize and add just the right sound.

I love this app! The new and updated version is great. It helps me stay focused on what I want in my life.

Bring it on!!! Sometimes I forget to ask for what I need. Hey universe.. I got you on auto-pilot!!!! ā¤ā¤šŸ‘šŸ‘