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Welcome to hey universe… where helping you help yourself to your dreams is our mission!  It's no secret that by keeping your manifestations and goals top of mind, you are far more likely to succeed. At hey universe… we truly believe “sometimes all you need to do is ask!”   We also recognize some desires take a little more attention and nurturing. That is why we are here – to provide you with everything you need to surround yourself with reminders to ask the Universe and keep a positive mindset. Whether it is heath, peace, love, vacations, miracles, family or success, we want to help you receive everything your heart desires!


Our Mission is to create fun and lighthearted ways to help individuals around the world achieve their dreams through the practice of manifestation and the law of attraction. Our products are intended to assist you in keeping your attention on your intention and create a community of manifesters to support one another.  


What is the law of attraction / manifestation?

Simply put, the law of attraction is a belief that when you focus on or resonate in a space of wanting something, you can attract that “thing” to you. Like attracts like, therefore, if you are in a place of believing and feeling you should/can receive something you will. It is very much a receiving-based approach. As the premise in the movie The Secret states - Ask • Believe • Receive.

Manifestation is another way of talking about the law of attraction. For some, it it involves much more participation and aligning with authenticity. For example, in law of attraction you ask for love, focus on love and hope that loves come to you. With manifestation, the belief is that it is far more likely that you will manifest love if you move through the world as a loving person, offer love and aren’t focusing on receiving it. By being loving you will manifest love. Because we have seen both in play and witnessed wild success through both methods, we honor and support whatever route you choose. Either way, we firmly believe that it is most important to understand and trust that the Universe is here to support you and deliver to you what you desire. We encourage you to surround yourself with reminders and messages specific to want you wish to attract and/or manifest. It’s all about helping you help yourself to your dreams.


From the Chief Manifester & Founder

Hello all you lovely manifesters!

So glad you found hey universe… and I hope you are ready to let us help you in manifesting your dreams!

I am a huge fan of building people up, the power of positive thinking, the strength of intention, and the practices of manifestation and law of attraction.

I have always been a manifester.  Even at a very young age I recall thinking I wanted something and very quickly it would happen.  I didn’t consciously intend to manifest nor did I realize that I could do this. It was just how things often worked for me. Had I been aware of the law of attraction and manifestation then, my mind boggles to think of what I could have created by now.  Despite life’s lessons and tests, I have always considered myself a “hopeless optimist."  Even in the midst of a spiritual or financial crisis I have had the ability to create. In fact, I was down and out at an extremely low point in my life when I came up with (rather, manifested) the idea of hey universe…!   My story is a true example/display of receiving when you ask the Universe.  Whether good or bad times, I have manifested some pretty amazing things – jobs that didn't exist until I was hired, the perfect home for my situation, relocations, trips, relationships, healthcare and even money literally rolling down the sidewalk and landing at my feet just moments after thinking to myself that I couldn't afford to do what I was about to and I just needed more money.  

The truth is you can get what you want.  You can design your life and you can achieve happiness, health, wealth and attract miracles.  You just need to ask the Universe and keep yourself surrounded by physical reminders of your intentions so you will place your focus and positive feelings on those desirables – both tangible and intangible.  Manifestation and the law of attraction are not only keys to your success.  Practicing them feels so much better than worry and experience, lack, strife, doubt or fear!  It is all about feeling good and opening yourself to receive what the Universe wants to give.  

In addition to manifesting, I have always been a huge fan of systems, reminders, and being part of a community of like-minded people. And this is where hey universe… enters YOUR universe!  When I originally manifested the idea of hey universe... and was trying to figure out what that would be to the world, I imagined an online community much like Facebook (but solely for manifestation and law of attraction posts).  This was the year 2003 and I wasn't very techie and had no idea how (or resources) to make it happen. Over the past decade and a half, it has evolved to a line of specialty products that will “snap” you back to the “can have” feeling when you might otherwise be distracted by the grind of daily tasks and obstacles.  I firmly believe that with subtle reminders that suit your lifestyle, you can attract and manifest your every desire.  Whether you want to remind yourself to be a miracle magnet, wear a piece of apparel or jewelry to remind yourself and others to just ask, post stickies all around your home/office/car with your specific desires or set your mobile app with a soothing sound to remind yourself of your manifestations on a regular basis, I strive to offer you solutions to keep you manifesting!  Having journaled for years, I can’t tell you how much I love returning to past entries to find that so many things I put out to the Universe had actually manifested!  I am so excited to share my support and goodies to help you stay on your manifestation journey.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly want to see everyone win. We all desire different things and there is balance in the Universe.  There IS enough to go around.  At times, some need a little more help than others.  In building hey universe… it was important to me to give back and help people financially realize their dreams aided by our success and sales.  One of the grandest ways I can achieve this is to donate a portion of profits to KIVA – a global micro-lending site which assists others around the world build their business and support their families through micro-loans. The main reason I chose Kiva was for the pay-it-forward effect. When we help a person open a business it not only helps their family but they are able to hire others and therefore help their families who very well may be able to build a new business and so on. The bottom line is that this is helping people help themselves to their dreams and that is what hey universe… is all about.

​I look forward to sharing your manifestation and law of attraction journeys with you and invite you to join our private Facebook group where you can share your desires and success with other manifesters.  Just click here and send a request to join us. Together we can begin to see miracles happen. ​ In the meantime, you can like us on Facebook, download the mobile app, and shop our specialty goods. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to drop me a note.  

Wishing you the happiest of manifesting! ​


Founder • Chief Manifester